Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia

He was reading it again. I don't know how many times he's read this series, but it's definitely a lot. There are not too many books a person can read over and over again and still find substance and enjoy. My husband was reading The Chronicles of Narnia.

He was reading it out loud to the children. This is a past time he enjoys sharing with the them. Sometimes, he reads after dinner, sometimes while they are washing the dishes, and sometimes while they are all snuggled on the sofa. We prefer to read books, rather than watch TV, which doesn't mean we don't watch TV, because we do. We don't watch it very often and usually movies borrowed from the library.

He wasn't reading it because we don't have any other good books to read. Since we own a rather extensive library of several thousand that wasn't the reason. He was reading it because we have seven children (three no longer living at home). Each time he reads the series he is reading it to a new group of children. The youngest now, at nine, is old enough to fully absorb the fullness of the story.

Who knows? In a few years, he may read it again, just because. After all, can anyone get tired of reading a really good book, a book that surpasses most others in its message?

Chronicles of Narnia

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