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Reasons to Oppose Common Core

Updated Dec. 21, 2013

I put together another post of examples of Common Core Curriculum.

More links to reasons to oppose Common Core. Please check my archives under Common Core, also.

This YouTube Video give a good overview of the topic.
Common Core: Subversive Threat to Education--Tin Ship Productions

Cardinal Newman Society has several articles. Here are a few.
Common-Core-is-Curriculum-Contrary-to-Advocates' Claims
Cardinal Newman Society, November 19, 2013
Green-Bay's Bishop-Ricken-Says-No-to-Common-Core-in-Diocesan-Schools
Cardinal Newman Society, November 21, 2013
English-Professor-Provides-Review-of-Common-Core English Standards
Cardinal Newman Society, November 22, 2013

Ethan Young, a high school senior at Farragut High School in Knox County, Tenn. is speaking at a local school board in early November about the problems with Common Core standards.

Common Core Stanards Math Lesson. For those who want to see the Common Core Standards in action, here is a classroom. The teacher is a wonderful, engaging woman, the kids are delightful, but step back and make note. This IS a curriculum. How are they going to be tested? How does the teacher know if an individual understand the concept taught if the students work in a group? (Name one job in life in which a person is evaluated on group performance?--remember Common Core is supposed to for job readiness in the future?) How old are the children? What should these kids be learning in math at this age? The kids are expressing frustration. The lesson appears to be totally nonsensical.

Rotten to the Core: Obama's War on Academic Standards (Part 1)
Rotten to the Core (Part 2): Readin', Writin' and Deconstructionism
Rotten to the Core (Part 3): Lessons from Texas and the Growing Grassroots Revolt
Rotten to the Core: The Feds Invasive Student Tracking Database

The Heritage Foundation The Heritage Foundation also has numerous sources about the problems with Common Core.

CATO Institute has lots of info on Common Core.

Sandra Stotsky, Ed.D.

Janice Campbell Lots more links posted here.

Dr. Pesta Testifies Against Common Core in Wisconsin on youtube

Here is a specific example of why Common Core is not good.

Here is another example of why Common Core is not good.
Talk show host Viki Mckenna discussed Common Core on Tues. Nov. 5 on the 10:00 and 11:00 hours.

And another curriculum example from Common Core.

Still another example of Common Core curriculum.

Curriculum that is aligned with Common Core.
Educational Freedom Coalition

Read why teachers are opposed to Common Core.

Here is a short video by Karen Schroeder.

Karen Schroeder also writes here.

Another article about her and Common Core.

She is President of
Advocates for Academic Freedom

Andrew Pudewa of the Institute of Excellence in Writing provides testimony against Common Core in OK
Testimony of Andrew Pudewa to Common Core Interim OK

Anthony Esolen and Patrick Reilly on EWTN, "The World Over" with Raymond Arroyo, Nov. 7, 2013
PATRICK REILLY, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, and ANTHONY ESOLEN, professor of English Literature and Development of Western Culture at Providence College, on the recent letter by Catholic professors to the US Bishops urging them against the inclusion of the "Common Core" curriculum in Catholic schools.

The article below states reasons why you should oppose Common Core.

From the above article:

1. This is dataless reform. "Advocates say it's researched, but there is no evidence that centralizing standards will raise achievement," he said. "It's never been field-tested -- it's just a grand experiment in 46 states with nothing behind it."

2. The process of adoption is flawed. "State legislatures had nothing to do with adopting these standards, they came from special interest groups. Think about it," he said. "It's sinister -- adopting education policy by bypassing the legislature."

3. It's unconstitutional. It violates the Tenth Amendment, he claims. Education is not a power of Congress. Communities and states are the only ones that should be involved. "The federal government has no legitimate role in education." Three federal laws would be violated -- if not the letter of the law, certainly the spirit.

4. Content. Debate rages in every state over whether these are the best standards out there. "Look at my website. I have links on content to several outstanding sources on this subject."

5. Data mining, or data privacy. No matter how many reassurances you hear that the problems are being addressed, "there are websites out there that show a love affair with kids' data. My question is always, 'Aren't you curious what student-level data they will want you to provide?'"

6. Cost of implementation. "In Iowa the cost of test assessment now is $3.50 per student. Under Common Core, it will be $22.50 per student. But it doesn't stop there. School districts have to purchase new books, provide teacher training ... and some schools don't have broadband yet." 

A State Rep. expresses 5 Reasons to Oppose Common Core.
Five Reasons to Oppose the Common Core

Great article by Maureen Whitmann.

When writing to your Archbishop or Catholic Superintendent of schools, this article supports your Catholic position against Common Core.
Catholic Scholars Blast Common Core in Letter to U. S. Bishops 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave money to NCEA for Common Core
Cardinal Newman

National PTA received 1 Million dollar Grant from Bill and Melina Gates Foundation.

National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers accepted money from the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation, AFT, American Enterprise Institute and many others
Huffington Post

Test Score Plummet after implementation of Common Core Standards

More information here: Reasons why to oppose Common Core in Catholic schools. What is Common Core.
Pittsburgh Catholic Against Common Core

NAC Chair Recommends Episcopal Review of Common Core in Catholic Schools
Found at the Cardinal Newman Society. The NAC Chair is speaking to the Bishops at their annual USCCB meeting.

Stay informed and email, write or call your state representatives and senators, U. S. representatives and senators, Governors, local school boards, teachers, principals, your Catholic Superintendent and Archbishop if they have implemented Common Core or are considering it.