Sunday, June 9, 2013

Silence is Golden by Fr. Michael Maher SJ



Silence is Golden

The summer recreates for me a renewed interest in the world outside the office. For me, summer seems less an event than when I was a child because so much of it now is spent indoors in a meeting or classroom where the months meld into one single impression. As a child I remember going to the relative’s farm in northern Illinois where summer’s full expression was seen in corn fields, barn cats, and cows. What impressed me even as a child was the silence of the farm where, especially in the early evening, when you could hear the crickets, song birds, and the contended sounds of the animals.
Silence seems such a rare commodity these days. With the advance of technologies, what was once rural and isolated areas are now inhabited by cell phones and iPads. Silence has become an uncomfortable situation now mitigated by the every possible device that creates a wall of insulation against the outside world. We listen but only to what we wish. Our Holy Father, during his visit to the United States reminded us of the importance of listening and taking time to place ourselves in silence so as to hear God speak to us.

Have we perhaps lost something of the art of listening? Do you leave space to hear God’s whisper, calling you forth into goodness? Friends, do not be afraid of silence or stillness. Listen to God, adore him in the Eucharist. Let his word shape your journey as an unfolding of holiness. Perhaps during this time of summer we can spend some time in silence, away from the noise and burden of cell phones and music and listen to the whisperings of God.
 —Fr. Michael Maher, S.J.

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