Saturday, December 1, 2012

Promote a Culture of Life in the Year of Faith

During the Year of Faith, I am embarking on a special project to promote a Culture of Life. Not only is this an opportunity to transform the culture by stating, "life is beautiful," but it is also a spiritual act of mercy, instructing the ignorant--not to mention spreading the faith.

I like to think big! In this case, very big! -- As big as a huge billboard that has 60,000 viewers per day. Multiply that by 4 weeks and that is 1,680,000! Not bad. This is not just any billboard. It is on Odgen and Farwell across the street from the only abortion clinic in Milwaukee. One of the benefits of this billboard is that there is a stoplight on Farwell, so that people will be looking right at the billboard when stopped. Unfortunately, because of the number of viewers and size of the billboard--very large--it is not cheap.

I would like to engage as many people as possible in this project. The response so far has been phenomenal! I have sent an e-mail out to our homeschool group, the local 40 Days for Life group, friends, relatives, and other Catholic groups. But I am sure there are many other people, who would be interested in supporting this project.

The goal is $8,175. Now I realize for most families that is a hardship during these difficult economic times. If I can just get 100 people who would pledge $82.00 we would reach our goal in a snap! You may not have $82.00, but if you know friends, relatives, or acquaintances in the neighborhood or church, the $82.00 would add up quickly. For example, if your own family contributed $12.00 all you would need would be 7 more people to contribute $10.00.

If relatives can contribute to softball and other endeavors they may be more than willing to contribute to this. If you know any church pro-life groups, youth groups, or Knights of Columbus groups that would like to contribute please pass it on. I already have some donors lined up, but I have far to go! Please write all checks to Prolife Across America. Prolife Across America is a 501 (c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. As soon as I receive the full amount, I will let you know the status of the billboard. At the present time, the billboard is open.

The picture on the billboard will be "It's a Black and White Issue Our Hearts Were Beating 18 Days from Conception." You can view it at Prolife Across America

For those who have asked, the cost of the billboard runs for 4 weeks. I am confident by the overwhelming enthusiastic response I will be able to raise the amount, and if we can top the amount we can continue to rent the billboard.

God Bless,
Elizabeth Yank


  1. Beth, Thank you so much for doing this! What a great idea!!! I will pray for its success.