Thursday, August 30, 2012

Truth or Fiction: Homeschooling Myth Busters

Homeschooling Myths Busted

"I can't homeschool. I'm not patient."

Don't we wish our all our children would nestle next to us as we read a book together? With most children, that is a realistic scenario; however, with children who have issues--whatever they may be--that is a pretty picture that lasts a few minutes at most and on a good day.

Am I patient? Hmm. I would have to ask my children, who are not all children any more. I think their answers would vary. If I waited to be perfect, I would never do anything.

Sometimes, teaching your children, which is an outgrowth of being a mom, is nothing more that striving for the best every day. No one is perfect--whether that is patient or joyful all the time.

Don't wait to be patient before you homeschool--you might be not be here anymore!

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