Sunday, April 29, 2012

What was the Name of that Grammar Program

You survived the talk and now you can't remember the name of the Grammar book I referenced: Winston Grammar. If you are looking for a program that teaches grammar in a way similar to how I presented it in the workshop, this is the program you are looking for. Once you learn it, you can apply it to any program: Seton, CHC, secular workbook. I own Winston Grammar, but I have always applied the principles I referenced to Exercises in English and/or other English books.

And for a wonderful bridge between conversation and Formal Grammar, we have enjoyed using the new Primary Language Lessons. This program incorporates copying, dictation, memorization/recitation, and picture studies (observation). Within the context of the picture studies, the child is exploring the use of word patterns in conversation.

A favorite reference book is Write Source 2000 or similar textbook. We do not use the writing portion or first half of the book. When we have questions about quotation marks, apostrophes, or other punctuation, we look up our questions in the back. I've never bought one new. I always picked them up at book sales, thrift stores, or rummages.

Grammar really is not that hard if you now some basic rules.

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