Monday, May 30, 2011

New Face of Homeschooling: Organizing

Here we go! Some of the resources referred to in my talk The New Face of Homeschooling at IHM in DC, 2011.
I Technology as an Organizer:

A.    For organizing your home and schedule:
1.     Emilie Barnes
3. (app. works well with FlyLady):
5.     Google calendar, which multiple people can have access to, PDA, smartphone, etc.

B.     For organizing your lesson plans:
1.     For organizing lesson plans, attendance record, report cards, transcripts and more on your computer, there is the Homeschool Tracker
2.     For printable resources, there is Donna Printables and Resources:
3.     Scholaric:
5.    Chart Jungle : Printables for school and homeschool
6.   Excel spread sheet
7.   If you google, homeschool record keeping, or homeschool lesson planner, you will find a number of alternatives: Edu-Track Home School

C.     For organizing Books: There are several choices.

Good Reads  Book recommendations from friends, keep track of what you have read and if you liked it and what you would like to read, form a book club and more. 

Shelfari: Shelfari
Keep track of what you have read; how you liked it and connect with friends.

Free unless you wish to catalog an unlimited number of books and no ads. Library Thing is to keep track of all the books you own. You can add books that are not in the system. You can scan books that have a bar code with your mobile phone or with a cue cat they sell on their site.

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