Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strength and Courage

St. Francis de Sales says: "I say, that even if we felt we might have neither the strength nor the courage to resist temptation should it befall us now; as long as we desired to resist it and hope that if it did come our way, God would rescue us and we would seek His help, then we must not be sad. Neither do we always have to feel strong and courageous; it is enough to hope that we will have strength and courage when and where we need them. We don't have to have a sign that these virtues will be ours; it is enough if we hope that God will help us.

. . . Now God, who does nothing in vain, does not give us either strength or courage when we don't need them, but only when we do. He never fails us. Consequently, we must always hope that He will help us if we entreat Him to do so. We should always use these words of David, 'Why are you sad, my soul, and why do you trouble me? Hope in the Lord.' The prayer which he spoke: 'When my strength fails, Lord, do not abandon me.'"

Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal: Letters of Spiritual Direction, Paulist Press, p.181.

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