Friday, December 10, 2010

A Memory for Wonders: A True Story: Review

A Memory for Wonders: A True StoryA Memory for Wonders: A True Story by Veronica Namoyo Le Goulard, Ignatius Press, pbk, 1993. I don't know where I picked up this inspiring, true story. But when I did I added it to my vast collection. Since I was bedridden, I scanned my shelves and found this unbelievable story. What is so unbelievable? This is the story of a French girl whose communist parents fled their Catholic, French roots to bring up their daughter in the ideal world, where they alone could influence her and bring her up without the trappings of her Catholic faith, especially her grandparent's ideas. Although they sought to stamp out God in her impressionable young mind, they could not stop God from seeking her out on his own terms. This gripping story will keep you wanting to read more.

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