Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Picture Books for Mother's Day

Kudos to you moms for all your tireless hours of sacrifice in the name of our Lord and his Mother. In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to offer you some inspiration through some of my favorite picture books related to motherhood. For that middle of the night nursing, afternoon at the kiddie pool instead of soaking in a hottub,or endless hours of running around to enrichment activities, here's to you!

All in One Piece  by Jill Murphy, Walker Books, 2006, pbk, 32 pp.

Mr. and Mrs. Large have planned a lovely evening out at the office dinner dance, but their children hate to see them go. As Mom and Dad prepare for their evening out, their children offer their helpful "assistance" in this amusing tale.

 Mr. Large in Charge by Jill Murphy, Candlewick, 2007, pbk, 40 pp.

Mrs. Large is sick. Mr. Large sends her to bed, offering to watch the kids while she gets some rest. His best intentions, however, are thwarted by the realities of home life in this entertaining tale that is sure to bring smiles to everyone.

Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy, Putnam Juvenile, 1999, pbk, 32 pp.

Mom seeks peace and solace in the bathtub from the noise and confusion of her lovable, but mischievous children. As she tries to sneak upstairs, her children suddenly have an interest in what she is up to.

These are just a few of the titles about the Large family.

Fanny's Dream by Caralyn Buehner, Puffin, 2003, pbk, 32 pp.

Cinderella meets reality in this fun story. "Once upon a time in a wild Wyoming town there lived a study girl named Fanny Agnes." Fanny has big plans. More than anything else, Fanny wants to marry a "prince." But the closest thing way out West is the Mayor's son. One evening, while waiting for her fairy Godmother to help take her to the Mayor's ball,  Heber Jensen shows up and boldly proposes to Fanny. After thinking it over (putting Heber to sleep), Fanny says, "Yes." Once they are married their love begins to blossom and grow. Their selfless sacrifices for one another are quite charming and Fanny's humor keeps things lively. Then one night, Fanny's fairy Godmother really does show up--a little late--but now Fanny must face a choice. Is Heber the prince of her dreams?

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