Friday, March 12, 2010

The Kitchen Madonna

The Kitchen Madonna by Rumer Godden, Bethlehem Books, 103 pp.

What would you do if the woman you loved wanted to leave? In this case the woman is Marta, the family's housekeeper. Marta grew up in Polish Ukraine. Now, living in London and no longer young, she misses the family's traditions of her youth, a prayer corner with the Madonna and child.

Gregory fears the worst? Will she leave like all the other housekeepers? But Marta is different. She is special. She brings warmth to the kitchen with her wonderful stories and good cooking. Gregory doesn't want her to leave. With resourcefulness and determination, Gregory hatches a plan with his sister Janet to keep Marta. Normally shy, reticent, and aloof, Gregory conquers himself in order to bring joy to others and in so doing transforms himself and those he meets, ultimately bringing joy to Marta in The Kitchen Madonna.

Ages: 8-Up
Bethlehem Books 2010
Kitchen Madonna

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