Saturday, January 26, 2013

Refresh! Virtual Midwinter Conference for Catholic Homeschoolers

Refresh! Virtual Midwinter Conference for Catholic Homeschoolers

From Maureen: 

Refresh Midwinter Homeschool Conference  along with Michelle Grunkemeyer and Walter Crawford. It takes place throughout the month of February and is free for anyone who would like to attend. We have some really wonderful speakers and talks lined up including our list owner and moderator Maria Rioux ...

Simplified Writing: What Every Student Needs to Succeed with Erin Brown Conroy
The Catholic Revival from Newman to Tolkien with Joseph Pearce
Your Own Toy Theater: G. K. Chesterton's Legacy with Children with Nancy Brown
How to Homeschool and Not Lose Your Mind with Mary Ellen Barret
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart: How to Build Your Child's Attitude and Focus with Erin Brown Conroy
Fueling the Peace Lamp to Prevent Burnout with Rita Munn
Twenty Years of the Henebry Homeschool: What Worked for Us with Ana Braga Henebry
Balanced Parenting: Real Actions that Make Parenting Easier with Erin Brown Conroy
20 Factors College Admissions Committees Consider with Katherine O'Brien
Schooling Multiple Ages: Tips from a Mom of 13 with Erin Brown Conroy
Ora et Labora: Loving Service as Prayer with Maria Rioux

I just found out that Dr. Carol will be doing 2 webinars for the conference too. I'll let you know when we get them scheduled.

We are able to bring the webinars to Catholic homeschoolers for free due to the generosity of our sponsors, including Little Flowers Girls Club, American Chesterton Society, and Celtic College Consultants.

Please feel free to pass this email on to other Catholic homeschooling families.

Maureen :)

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