Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Everyone Needs to Stop the Common Core

With all the other scandals in the news, information about the Common Core is not getting out. Everyone needs to stop the Common Core. Here are some sources to find out more.

From the Sheboygan Liberty Coalition
The dangers associated with Common Core Standards--also known as "ObamaCore".  Here are just a few highlights:
  • It's a 'one size fits all' educational system.  It will not address the unique individuality of each child, regardless of their developmental or language differences.
  • ObamaCore is not "state-led".  The state (or you) will have no say over what is being taught to your children.  (Homeschoolers will not be exempt from Common Core) 
  • ObamaCore has never been pilot or field tested and undermines choice, threatens student/family privacy and is an inappropriate overreach to standardize and control education.
  • Teachers had little say in ObamaCore's development.  The standards are poorly written and suppress innovation and learning.
  • By linking tests directly to teacher evaluations, the stakes are high for the child to perform and forces a teacher to not look at a child as student, but rather a number.  It will not foster teacher/student relationship nor cultivate the love for learning.
  • Goal is to collect data on students from birth to career.
  • Schools will not need parental consent to share student records and data with ANY "school official", which includes private companies hired by the school.
  • Up to 400 points of data may be collected.  Examples include:  dwelling arrangements, diseases, illnesses and other health conditions of student and family, religious affiliation, extra-curricular activities and sports (activities in and outside of school),  test scores, behavioral issues, access to the child's psychological records and much more.
  • Data will be collected through use of electronic devices such as the "Mood Meter which utilizes a camera on a laptop or other type camera or recording device.  It captures facial expressions.  Various sensors to measure frustration, motivation, confidence, boredom and fatigue.  Use of fMRI to monitor brain activity. Electronic bracelets, other developing technology, self-reports, informant reports, school records, behavior task performance, behavioral measuring, etc.
  • The cost will be astronomical. The  national cost for taxpayers in compliance with CC will be between $1 to $8 BILLION and the profit goes to the publishers.   For more information read here...

On Catholic Exchange on Wednesday 5/15 Two Moms vs. Obama's Common Core. two-moms-vs-common-core/

So call or/and e-mail your state representatives and state senators!

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