Sunday, January 20, 2013

Huge Prolife Rally in Dublin

Over 25,000 prolifers, braving bitterly cold, winter temperatures, attended a rally in Dublin, Ireland  protesting the government's proposal to allow for abortion.

Mickey Harte, a football manager (soccer in the USA) said, "Ireland is almost unique in the Western world in looking out for, and fully protecting, two patients during a pregnancy – a mother and her unborn child." 

"We are here to oppose the unjust targeting of even one unborn child's life in circumstances that have nothing to do with genuine life-saving medical interventions."

Before the huge rally,  Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin,  held a prayer service for “the child in the womb” at St Andrew’s Church in Westland Row.

Irish Examiner offers more facts about the huge turnout. As always don't expect the mainstream media to share all the facts or show the pictures.

This is not the first huge prolife rally in Ireland to protest the proposed changes in the law. In Dec. there was another rally of 10,000 at a prolife vigil.

While the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar is being used to fuel the debate, the truth that abortion would not have saved her life is being hidden. Life News has more than one story, covering her death and the abortion advocates exploiting her case.  Here is another story. There are lots of stories on Life News. I would recommend you go to the site and search using her name

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