Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Save a Life with a Prolife Billboard

I have passed the 1/2 way mark of $8,175 for the Prolife Billboard! I just need $3,285. On Christmas Eve, Relevant Radio will begin short ads for the prolife billboard running 3 times during the day and 3 times during the night. I began the "campaign" the last week of November. The response has been overwhelming! In less than 4 weeks I have received more than $4,000. A "huge" thank you and a hug to all those who have contributed. It's not too late if you are still interested in contributing. I'm hoping this can be one of my birthday gifts to the Christ Child.

BTW: Once the ad is up on the billboard, they do not take it down until someone purchases the next ad. The power of prayer can keep that ad up there a l-o-n-g time!

You can read more about this project in this previous post here.

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