Thursday, December 6, 2012

Obamacare Still in Court

Picture of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come from Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol coming to a home near you. You can read about his visit to England at Catholic

Update from Helen Alvare:

1)Some legal highlights. Most of the news is good, but not all. Excellent updates can be found daily on the website of the
  • Bible publisher, Tyndale House, was granted a preliminary injunction. The judge held that the Obama administration will have to show a compelling interest for substantially burdening the “free exercise” of Tyndale. A good summary of the opinion can be found here.
  • After being denied an injunction at a lower federal court, the for-profit, retail business, Hobby Lobby appealed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. The government claimed below that "Hobby Lobby is a for-profit, secular employer, and a secular entity by definition does not exercise religion."
  •  Frank R. O’Brien and O’Brien Industrial Holdings, LLC also lost at the lower federal court but won an injunction in their appeal to the 8th Circuit Court.
  •  The Supreme Court ordered the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider a challenge to the health care mandate on religious liberty grounds.
  • A U.S. District Judge in New York rejected the federal government's argument that several Catholic institutions in New York could not proceed in their lawsuit against the mandate on the grounds that the government was still thinking about changing the mandate. Thus these Catholic entitites can now proceed to attack the mandate on the substantive grounds that it violates their religious freedom.

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