Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Look What Happens When the Government Controls Your Lives

Before you pooh, pooh this article and say, "Oh, that will never happen here," just remember that we are dealing with a government in our own country that seeks to control every aspect of our lives (including what we drink --also what is not good to drink and what we eat and how much) because they--the "experts" know better.

In Quebec, Canada, "Every Quebec student — even the homeschooled — is obligated to take this state-composed program. And teachers, whatever their beliefs or religious affiliation, must teach it." What is this course?  A province-wide program called Ethics and Religious Culture, which teaches that  "Wicca, RaĆ«lism, aboriginal animism or even a student’s own invented religion are all accorded equal spiritual standing with Christianity." Never mind if it is contrary to your faith.

You can read the whole article at Catholic Exchange.com

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