Monday, June 6, 2011

New Face of Homeschooling: Technology as a Tutor

Part 4 of my resource section on the New Face of Homeschooling.
Technology can act as a tutor in as

IV.Technology as a Tutor: CD-ROMs, DVDs,/CDs, Online Classes
sisting mom.

Institute for Excellence in Writing

 Online classes, lecture, interactive, webinars, streaming live, summer classes, podcasts
e.g. Interactive classes or lectures are available through Angelicum Academy, Homeschool Connections, Memoria Press, Mother of Divine Grace, , Regina Coeli Academy, , and others.
On-line syllabus and online testing and grading are available through Seton, with recorded audio lectures.
You need to inquire as to the type of online classes.

Private tutor: Many tutors offer services through the web.
Write Guide:
Mother of Divine Grace School has a teacher assisted option or a teacher directed option for the student to have contact with the teacher through regular scheduled phone and e-mail.

More Options:
Peaksmart: Online customized, adaptive math learning for kids
Pre-school through 8th grade, e-books, multi-media, and videos and worksheets
 Over 2,000 Free online instructional math and science videos

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