Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Face of Homeschooling: Technology as a source of information

 Sorry this is a "bit" of a mess. But I never said I was technologically savy! What can I say! I should own a Mac. Maybe I wouldn't have the problems of word. Lots of information.

III. Technology as sources of information. Some of these resources also overlap with Catholic Homeschool Support

A.    Homeschool conference talks on CDs or mp3

B.     Catholic CDs/DVDs, e.g.
C.     Catholic Radio:

D.    TV (Educational or Catholic programming)
            Catholic TV and internet: You can watch programs through the internet if you do not subscribe to cable.
            Educational shows on TV: Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc.

E.     Internet as Information and Research Resource
For information, it depends on what you are looking for. For answers to general questions, you can goggle your questions and see what pops up. If you are looking for answers to particular questions, then usually people have their favorite websites.  For instant access to information, the internet is a plus. On the con side, not all sites are reliable and the information may not be as in-depth as needed. Some moms sit down with their children to instruct them in how to navigate the web, how to identify good information or a phony site.
Catholic Homeschool Vendors/Schools/Curriculums—(e.g. CHC is not a school)
Emmanuel Books for example,
Virtual Catalogs: Some are better than others to navigate and view
More Homeschool Vendors (Not specifically Catholic)
Catholic Homeschool Conferences
Catholic Homeschool Periodicals:
e.g. mater et magistra magazine
Faith and Family online:
National Catholic Register online
Online Current Catholic News,
New Advent:, current news, Catholic Encyclopedia, Summa, Church Fathers, and Bible
Primary Source Documents
Favorite websites: history, social issues, politics, science, Catholic apologetics, Catholic Evangelization, Life Issues, homeschool, etc.
Catholic Education Resource Center:
Catholic Answers:
Web Gallery of Art:
Cottage Blessings
Catholic Gifts: Monastery Greetings:
Products from Abbeys, Convents, Monasteries, and Hermitages
Online Book/Movie/Product Reviews: Includes other homeschool info. Caveat* They are not always reliable because anyone can write a review, except the author of the book.
National Catholic Register reviews both books and movies
Some publishers let you peek into their books, viewing the table of contents and the first few pages before you buy them. This is the same for music.
Online Educational Videos: You Tube and others, e.g. TED, Ideas worth spreading, “Gever Tulley 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do
One of our favorites for little kids is the Slippery Fish song.
Discovery Education Streaming: A great source for educational videos
Online Catholic movies and Educational movies/programs:
Online Book Lists: You can find people’s favorites, lists of your favorite author, or series, e.g. Landmarks, good books for kids to read, , Complete listing of Newbery Honor or Caldecott Honor books, Amazon has “Listmania,” suggestions for further reading,  “Customers who bought this item also bought”, the our library system has something similar, “You may also like” or subject search at the library.
Downloadable files, such as small books, answer keys, coloring pages, clip art, e. g.
Online Free E-books:
Google Free ebooks. You can specialize to request Kindle format or iphone format or some simply come in another format such as pdf.
Gutenberg Project (audio books)
Others: Literature page
Translator: Very helpful when receiving documents in another language 
Graphic Calculator
Maps/GPS/Google Earth
Paying bills and banking online
Checking weather, checking traffic
Purchase car/clothing/just about anything/American made
Recipes and Meal Planning: Google the type of recipe, e.g. All Recipes:
Catholic Food like you have never seen it before! Catholic Cuisine For the truly patient and artistic chef

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